R D Amplification handmade Guitar and Bass amplifiers in the UK


Prices for typical Cathode Biased output stages ie. 2x6v6, 2x6L6 or Single Ended Class A. (Other output options available).

DUALIST Custom head (inc Rev & FX loop) £2200
DUALIST Custom combo (inc Rev & FX loop) £2300 + cost of your choice speaker/s.

For more information please contact Rob

Cabinets and Combos

Custom Vintage speaker cabs:

Seperate speaker cabinets £290 - £350 + cost your choice speaker/s

Above prices are for typical range of Tolex or Levant finishes. Other custom finishes or Tweed available at extra cost..

For more information please contact Rob

8-BALL Custom

8-BALL Custom head £1750
8-BALL Custom combo £1850 + cost your choice speaker/s

For more information please contact Rob

All amps are hand-wired by Rob using traditional construction techniques and top spec components.

Knowing how occasionally 'financially challenged' a lot of musicians are..... we can also agree a stage payment process over the course of the project, with component costs being covered at each stage of the build.

We normally require a deposit up-front in order to cover the costs of buying in the unique project-specific expensive components such as transformers/chassis & other hardware. Deposit typically 10% of the total project cost.

Depending on specification and work-load we can normally complete a commission in 12 to 16 weeks.