R D Amplification handmade Guitar and Bass amplifiers in the UK

Although hard-rock and HM is not my own prefered genre ... we love you chuggers all the same!. So to accomodate those of you who might prefer your amp covered in Snakeskin or Snot Green ..... we listened and responded.

We've taken the exact same core circuit found in our flag-ship DUALIST and manipulated it a little to produce the hot-rodded DUALIST XL version. Replacing the early stage tonestack in the regular DUALIST with a fixed response EQ network, we've moved the variable tonestack to the end of the preamp circuit, post overdrive. This has allowed for some extra gain in the preamp and also provides for a more aggressive tonal response. If that wasn't enough, the DUALIST XL also has a new VOICE switch which alters the tonestack response for typical British or American flavours. The DUALIST XL comes with our tube-buffered FX loop as standard and you can also have tube-driven spring Reverb as an option, depending on power specs and cabinet size.

The DUALIST XL is not a one-trick pony though ... if you back off Gain2 and just use Gain1 you can clean the amp up to provide really good clean to crunch tones and maybe use it as a pedal platform. Like the DUALIST Custom, the XL is available in a variety of output stage configurations to order, employing EL34, 6L6, 5881, KT66 etc. We can also do a lower powered single tube Class A version if that's your preferred option.

Like all our amps, cosmetic finish and format are a custom option, so if you fancy something special please ask.

If we can get it .... we can do it.