R D Amplification handmade Guitar and Bass amplifiers in the UK

The concept behind the DUALIST was to provide something just a little bit different whilst embracing the best of a great tradition of classic guitar amplification. The amplifier is built using traditional point-to-point construction techniques and boutique standard components.  Each DUALIST is bespoke and custom ordered with a variety of different output stages available. It is then hand-crafted individually, one at a time by Rob at RDA, from chassis to cabinet, with a range of custom finishes available to order.

The DUALIST is available as a combo, or head which can be perfectly matched to our Custom Vintage Speaker Cabinets built to traditional vintage type specification.

The DUALIST is a switchable dual gain stage preamp followed by a vintage style Cathode biased output stage. This marries a versatile blues/rock preamp circuit with a range of classic Tweed style amp circuits from the early days of the electric guitar amplifier. This gives the DUALIST its unique flavour, resulting in a harmonically rich and complex tonality.

‘SINGLE’ mode employs a single twin-triode tube configured in a classic tone-stack utilising the Gain1, Treble, Middle and Bass controls. ‘DUAL’ mode, which is foot-switchable, pulls in a second twin-triode circuit controlled additionally by Gain2, Level and Filter controls. Pull-pots provide EQ tweaking by way of Bright and Fat functions. There is also an additional Boost function which gives a gain lift and a slight EQ shift and operates in both Single and Dual modes. A twin footswitch selects the Dual and Boost modes. Both SINGLE and DUAL modes utilise a sweet long-delay tube Reverb and a global Master Volume.

DUALIST produces loads of harmonic texture and an easy transition into overdrive as you dig in to your guitar strings. In short…  a dynamic, touch sensitive playing experience using just your guitars volume control and your fingers or pick. If you’re not used to playing like this…. you soon will be… it’s addictive.

The DUALIST Electric Guitar Amplifier.......     Enjoy!