R D Amplification handmade Guitar and Bass amplifiers in the UK

Doug Hadfield

I’ve been playing my new RD dualist now for just over a week, including for one Gig. The sounds I get from this amp are just amazing! It’s by far the most versatile amp I’ve ever had the privilege to play through, which is just what I need as I play a variety of styles in a number of contexts. The amp has a gain and volume arrangement so as to control overdrive to the pre-amp, plus an additional pair of pre-amp stages which can be switched in for high gain overdrive (the reason for the “dualist” name, I believe). When overdriving the preamp in this way, the tone is incredibly smooth – like double cream poured over the speaker! This is the classic “Dumble” tone that has been the holy grail of guitarists since the ‘70s. For more raunchy overdrive the initial gain can be turned down and the volume turned up, so the output stage is overdriven. This gives a classic class A crunch distortion synonymous with the famous early Fenders. The “Dumble” controls – RD labels them “deep” “Fat” and “Rock/Jazz” give an enormous range of control over the sound, from delicate bright to heavy Marshall-like riffing and something very close to the coveted “brown sound”. I have a number of guitars of different types, and they all sound incredible through this amp – I can tweak the sound to suit each instrument or simply use a different guitar with the same amp settings, to get different nuances of sound. I’ve only just begin to scratch the surface of this incredible amplifier and am looking forward to getting to know it over the years and years that it’ll last, thanks to the superb attention to detail by Rob in the hand-crafted construction! I’ve finally found my dream amplifier – I need to get the others up on ebay now….

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