R D Amplification handmade Guitar and Bass amplifiers in the UK

Nigel Collins

Just picked up my gorgeous new Dualist amp and cab and my OD converted Texas Boogie. Absolutely awesome. The Dualist amp and Cab look fantastic and both of them just sing with endless tone. Ive had all my guitarist buddies trying the amps allready and each one has left wondering why the hell the play their production line PCB board rubbish. Once you play through this sort quality there really isnt anyway anything else can compare. The time Rob Spends fine tuning the amp with you is priceless and only serves to reinforce the reason to invest in his products. The pride and he has in his work is rare these days and the service he gives is second to none. It actually makes you feel guilty breaking him away from his creations when you take them home. If all thats not enough he transformed my Les Paul tone in about 5 minutes and fixed my knackered 70s Celestion!! Clever Bugger.

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