RD Amplification DUALIST XL vintage guitar amplifier for Heavy Metal & Hard rock



To facilitate the more extreme Heavy Metal and Hard Rock players we have taken our classic DUALIST dual gain-stage preamp and re-worked it into a hot-rodded single-channel rock amp destined to melt your face! Replacing the early stage tonestack in the DUALIST Custom with a fixed response EQ network, and moving the operational tone controls to the end of overdrive circuit, the DUALIST XL does exactly what it says on the tin! Resulting in a more extreme tonal EQ and aggressive gain response. This new configuration also has a ‘Voice’ switch which changes the values of the tonestack circuit components to choose between classic British and American voicing.
Although the DUALIST XL is pitched at heavier rock drive, it is still cable of achieving classic clean to crunch response by having the Master volume full up, keeping Gain2 off and using just the Gain1 as your volume control. The XL also has a tube Buffered FX Loop as standard and tube reverb can be fitted as an optional extra. Output stage employs the options of twin 6L6, EL34 or KT66 tube sets as standard, but other power tube configurations and options are available on request.

RD Amplification DUALIST XL vintage guitar amplifier for Heavy Metal & Hard rock

Head starts £2200

Combo £2350

+ [£? your choice speaker/s]
Optional tube Reverb +£200

Speaker cabinet £400

+ [£? your choice speaker/s]


All our amps are available in two chassis sizes depending on requirements and tube set specification.

Combo or Head options with additional matching speaker cabinets can be supplied in a variety of finishes. The prices listed are for typical regular tolex and levant covering with additional surcharges for Tweed or Special Custom finishes priced on availability.


Finished cabinets and combos are priced without speakers, since our customers request a variety of speaker options and configurations which can vary considerably in cost.

We can advise you on speaker options, but if you know what you like we can buy them in for you at cost, or you can send them directly to us from your chosen supplier or we can fit speakers you already have available.

Nothing is too much trouble, just ask. 


Regarding finish styles, materials, grille cloth and speakers … if we can get it.. we can finish it.





The concept behind the DUALIST Custom was to provide something just a little bit different whilst embracing the best of a great tradition of classic guitar amplification.


To facilitate the more extreme Heavy Metal and Hard Rock players we have taken our classic DUALIST Custom dual-gain preamp circuit and re-worked it into a hardwired none-switching single-channel version destined to melt your face!


The '8-Ball Custom Reverb' is a straight ahead reverb amp based on the 'Single' mode of our classic DUALIST circuit. Essentially pitched as a straight ahead 'clean' amp for those players who do not require the overdrive from the preamp.

BASS 100

A pure all-valve circuit with some suitable component tweaks for bass EQ in the preamp, and typically employing an output stage utilising either pairs of KT88, 6550 or quad 6L6.

“So overall - wow!”

I thought it would be good, but have to say mate, you've exceeded my expectations. A really, really fabulous amp ...! Thanks again - it's already a joy, and that's before I've really got to know it and live with it. Superb stuff.

Spike Stockdale
Totally Blondie


My new Dualist is an amazing sound machine - Rob has the nack no doubt about it - played my second gig with it this weekend (after he tweeked the tone for me), and I can not imagine playing without it now - what a sound, from shimmering glassy crunch, to balls out overdriven valves - This is an amazing amp - if you want a great sound, get one.

Richard Dorman
Guitarist | United Kingdom